Joe Henderson: Our Thing

Joe Henderson: Our Thing

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Joe Henderson: Our Thing

Teeter Totter
Pedro's Time
Our Thing
Back Road

Kenny Dorham, trumpet 

Andrew Hill, piano

Eddie Khan, bass 

Pete Sims, drums 

Beeping Jazz Club BLP 107 

"Our Things has long been a Blue Note's favourite and is the centerpieces in the triptych of albums with Dorham which were issued under Henderson's nominal leadership. Dorham brought in three tunes, Henderson two, and, with no filler blues jam of any kind, this is an unusually consistent Blue Note date, with Hill's cryptic commentaries and superb work from Khan and LaRoca. While a serious collector wouldn't would not to be without any of these sessions, the less committed could make do with this one of the shelf. " 

                          The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings 

Not available in U.S., U.K., E.U. and Japan.