Glinka: Ivan Susanin

Glinka: Ivan Susanin

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Ivan Susanin

Miroslav Čangalović

Marija Glavačević
Drago Starc
Milica Miladinović
Vladeta Dimitriević
Bogolub Grubač
Ivan Murgaški

Yugoslav Army Chorus
Belgrade National Opera Orchestra
Oskar Danon

Beeping Classics BGO010 [ADD, 169:39] 

   "Miroslav Cangalovic lavishes his cavernous, all-encompassing bass on the title role of Susanin.  Marija Glavacevic's glass-shattering brilliance and variety of expression (a Slavic equivalent to Bidu Sayao or Lily Pons) make the role of Susanin's daughter Antonida particularly sympathetic. Drago Starc brings his bright, gleaming tenor to the heroic phrases of Sobinin, Antonida's betrothed; and the pants role of Vanya (Susanin's adopted son) is sung by Milica Miladinovic with a voice of iron and velvet that evokes both boyish virility and vulnerability. The Yugoslav Army Chorus exhibits a marvelous unstudied enthusiasm, so different from today's opera choruses, who often sound too refined to be soldiers or peasants."

                             American Record Guide


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