Beethoven: Stage and Vocal Music

Beethoven: Stage and Vocal Music

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Egmont-Incidental Music, op.84 (excerpts)

The Ruins of Athens-Incidental Music, op.113 (excerpts)

Overture-Name Day, op.115 

Overture-King Stephen, op.117 8:07

Overture-Die Welhe des Hauses, op.124

Leonore Overtures Nos.1-3


Gross Fuge, op.133

The Creatures of Prometheus, op.43

Mass in D major, op.123, “Missa solemnis”

Mass in C major, op.86

Christ on the Mount of Olives, op.85

Wellington’s Victory, op.91

Fidelio, op.72

Ah, perfido! , op.65



Brigit Nilsson, soprano (op.84)
Philharmonia Orchestra
Otto Klemperer (op.84, op.117)
Beecham Choral Society
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Sir Thomas Beecham (op.113)
Orchestre Lamoureux, Paris
Igor Markevitch (op.124)

Hague Philharmonic Orchestra
Willem van Otterloo

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, soprano
Christa Ludwig, alto
Nicolai Gedda, tenor
Nicola Zaccaria, bass
Wiener Singverein
Philharmonia Orchestra
Herbert von Karajan (op.123)

Jennifer Vyvyan, soprano
Monica Sinclair, contralto
Richard Lewis, tenor
Marian Nowakowski, bass
Beecham Choral Society
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Sir Thomas Beecham (op.86)

Judith Raskin, soprano
Richard Lewis, tenor
Herbert Beattie, bass
The Temple University Choir
The Philadelphia Orchestra
Eugene Ormandy (op.85)

London Symphony Orchestra
Antal Dorati (op.91)

Leonie Rysanek
Irmgrad Seefried
Ernst Haefliger
Ditrich Fischer-Dieskau
Gottlbo Frick
Kieth Engen
Friedrich Lenz
Bavarian State Opera Chours
Bavarian State Orchestra
Ferenc Fricsay (Op.72) 

Birgit Nilsson, soprano
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Sir Edward Downes
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone
Hertha Klust, piano (Songs)

Beeping Classics Beethoven Masterworks BC21024 [ADD, 9:39:16] 

     "The Philharmonia’s playing is a joy throughout and the recording is a true picture of what the best engineering could produce in those days."

                         Musicweb-International on Missa solomnis 

    "Fricsay was at his finest in this Beethoven opera, and the singing of the strong cast is consistently satisfying...The glroy of the cast is the Pizarro of Fischer-Dieskau,  incisively evil-sounding and superbly characterized all through." 

                        Penguin Stereo Record Guide on Fidelio 

     " of most successful classical LPs of all time." 

                        Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music on Wellington’s Victory

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