Beethoven: Solo Piano Music

Beethoven: Solo Piano Music

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Bagatelle in a minor, WoO.59, “For Elise”  

Andante favori in F major, WoO.57   

Rondo a Capriccio in G major, op.129, “Die Wut Uber den Verlorenen Groschen”   

Ziemlich Lebhaft in B flat major, WoO.60   

Allegretto in c minor, WoO.53   

6 Ecossaises, WoO.83   

Polonaise in C major, op.89   

15 Variations in E flat major, op.35, “Eroica”   

33 Variations in C major, op.120, “Diabelli”

6 Variations in G major, op.34   

 6 Variations in D major, op.76   

6 Easy Variations in F major, WoO.64   

24 Variations in D major, WoO.65   

13 Variations in A major, WoO.66   

 9 Variations in A major, WoO.69   

 6 Variations in G major, WoO.70   

 12 Variations in A major, WoO.71   

 8 Variations in C major, WoO.72  

10 Variations in B flat major, WoO.73   

 7 Variations in F major, WoO.75   

 8 Variations in F major, WoO.76   

 6 Variations in G major, WoO.77   

 7 Variations in D major, WoO.78   

 5 Variations in D major, WoO.79   

32 Variations in c minor, WoO.80   

7 Bagetelles, op.33   

11 Bagatelles, op.119

6 Bagetelles, op.126  


Alfred Brendel 

 "...(Brendel's) natural, spontaneous manner brings out many felicities and the playing is never merely matter-of-fact." 

                                 Penguin Stereo Record Guide

Beeping Classics Beethoven Masterworks BC21028 [ADD, 4:54:36] 

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